The 20th of October 2008, an eager bunch of people celebrated the first post in Skrotboken's blog. Now, nearly eight months later, we have had more than 24 000 visits and it´s time, not only to look in the rear mirror, but also to to plan for the future. When we look ahead we would like to see a broad variety in booth creations as well as in the creators themselves.

We wish to expand the Skrotboken-family and welcome a number of new members to the active group, working with and for Skrotboken. Skrotboken's manifesto proclaims that our goal is to be a common open arena were creativity can flow free. Our ambition is to widen the creative views through inspiration and challenges "outside the box". Our basic principle is that all creative activity has equal value and that everyone has something to contribute. We value, among other things, usage of whatever we have at hand in our homes, the thought that creative activity regardless of shape and/or performance fits under the same headline and that (our) children and younger people are given the possibility to be creative.

Examples of published material to increase creativity for scrapping

It is an incredibly fun and inspiring mission to be an active part of this, but as the saying goes "the more, the merrier". With more active people, we can obviously do more and thus contribute to diversity and creativity in the world of scrapbooking and paper crafts.

Taking care of and adminstre a creativity blog and related forums; at present only for planning and internal communication, do take time. Since no one of us can spend as much time on our hobby as we might want to do; and still want to keep and/or even increase Skrotbokens ability to be an active source of inspiration, we are now looking for inspirational creators and blog authors to expand our family.

Is this you?
  • Do you like to inspire others?
  • Do you thrive on challenges?
  • Are you active in your search of inspiration?
  • Do you have thoughts and ideas that you would like to realize?
  • Do you think and create out of the ordinary? Do you love to create with a twist? Do you include non-traditional materials in your creations? Do you use traditional scrap material in a "new" and interesting way?
  • Do you feel that the things you create do not match and fit into the general ideas?
  • Do you think it's important that the children are involved in the creativity process and are allowed to be creative?
If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you are just the person we are looking for.

Examples of published material to increase creativity for scrapping

As a member of team Skrotboken we can offer en environment where you are inspired to create, are welcome to share your thoughts and realize your ideas together with the rest of the team. It's a place where creativity thrives and all creations are valued as equally important.

Our requirements are that you
  • are active in our planning forum - log in and post at least twice a week
  • create and make at least two contributions a month

Our expectations are that you
  • contribute with ideas and suggestions in all questions regarding Skrotboken; basic ideas as well as content in both the short and long run
  • are confident in writing blog posts and accept responsibility of your own postings (even though we do welcome the ones that just want to create as well)
  • try to develop yourself through reflecting over your creativity and your work

Skrotboken feels no limits and happily welcome applicants from all countries of the world. Young or adult, experienced or beginner. Regardless of the style in witch you create - just send us your application!

All applications will be considered. Our decisions will ultimately be based on how we can complement each other in our work together for Skrotboken.

Your application should include
  • two creations which shows us the style in witch you create. Choose your favourites. You can include something where you have used non-traditional scrap material - although this is not an requirement. Maximum picture size is 700 pixles width or height.
  • one creation where you have created something "different". If you usually scrap layouts, include a card or something altered. If you create with paper, send in something digital. And so on. Maximal picture size is 700 pixles width or heigh.
  • one new creation where you show who you are. Any format will do - layout, card, digital layout or something altered. Create about your personal beliefs, your "secret" side or something unlikely you have experienced or done. Have fun and create with a personal touch. It is important that your creation shows who you are.
  • a couple of suggestions for future blog postings that you would like to read and gladly are prepared to take responsibility for.
  • a presentation of you as a person and as a scrapper
  • a line or two of why you would like to become an active member of Skrotboken
  • a link to your blog or your gallery so we can spy on you ;))

Examples of published material to increase creativity for scrapping

Applications are sent to and should be tagged "I´d like to participate". :)

Send your application before Sunday 12th of July, 23.59 (Swedish time zone).

Welcome with your application!

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